July 22, 2011


Hi, so I'm in a hurry today as well but I'm leaving you some eye distraction. This pictures were taken in the Spanish cultural center while I was with my lovely dear friend Dalu, a school friend which is more than a sister for me, I love this girl. We were at that place because it was a sort of cultural witch-burning event for spanish families living in Lima... at the end the poeple had to jump the bonfire!! and I could take some pictures. Well, so here are the pictures of that day. I was wearing the vintage blouse of the last post, a vintage black corset!!, my vintage CK high-waisted shorts, black pantys, my mother's vintage scarf as a headband (beautiful btw, it has little fruits all over!) and my ASOS oxfords. The last picture I leave you is a picture which was alone and I don't want to make a post for one picture only so.. you understand me (there me and my friends were eating at KFC and I was wearing a vintage sweater and my mother's vintage scarf as a headband).
Hope you enjoy them,


Sara L.

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