July 24, 2011

Crazy weekend

Hi everyone, this pictures were taken like three weeks ago at Sargento Pimienta bar, it was such a good night, a "ladies night". I took some pictures from nanaslovingdesing blog, I hope my dear friend doesn't mind. Anyway, we all meet at my house and then we went to Sargento bar, that day I was wearing my black vintage corset, my vintage high-waisted London short (which I washed out with bleach and made a gradient from deep blue at the top, to light blue at the bottom), leather jacket, black transparent shredded pantys below my cutted leggings and, of course, combat boots. I also leave you some light painting pictures I took with my camera after discovering a new "hidden option", now I don't look at it with the same eyes, LOL.
Hope you like this,


Sara L.

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Hope you like this