September 29, 2011

I wanna party all night long


 Fishtail braid!

wellies boots and skirt (nice)

Algunos días atrás mi querídisima amiga Diana del blog nanaslovingdesign cumplió 22 años y lo celebramos como es debido. Tomé algunas fotos que hoy estoy compartiendo con ustedes, así como algunas fotos de la primera semana de clases en el instituto (como no puedo con mi genio y ya saben que amo la fotografía y experimentar con el light painting, aquel día del cumple saqué unas cuántas fotos bonitas con las luces del bar, que también comparto). Hoy llegó, luego de días, mi esperadísimo reloj Michael Kors que me gané en un sorteo (más lechera) de Moda Preview, no puedo esperar a postear algunas fotos usándolo!. Mi mami será operada mañana, así que espero contar con tiempo para poder tomarme unas fotos con él (entiéndase que iré a la clínica a hacérle compañía). En todo caso, estén atentas!

Espero les guste el post de hoy!

Some days ago, my dear friend Diana from nanaslovingdesign turned 22 years old! and we celebrated it all together. I took some pictures which I'm leaving you right now, as well as some pictures from our first week of classes at the institute (as you know, I love photography and experimenting with light painting, so the day of the birthday at the bar, I took some nice pictures with the colorful lights which I'm also sharing). Today my beautiful Michael Kors watch, which I won through a giveaway, arrived home and I can't wait to make a post wearing it. My mother is having a surgery tomorrow morning, so I hope I have time to take some pictures with my new watch. Anyways, be aware!

Hope u like it!


Sara L.

September 21, 2011

Be happy

Hola!!, disculpen de nuevo, he estado con trabajo en la agencia así que no he tenido mucho tiempo libre para postear, pero aquí estoy de nuevo y les dejo algunas fotos para que se inspiren. Espero que les guste. Las tomé de Internet...

Hey!, sorry again, I've been working with the agency so didn't have much free time to post, but here I am now and leaving you some inspirational pictures. Hope u like them. Got them from Internet...


Sara L.

September 13, 2011

New things

The beautiful Tommy bag of my friend Paola (she's got 42 bags... yeah, I'm jealous too)

Hey to all, hope everything is going just fine. I already started my classes yesterday, I'm really happy and have a lot of expectations. As the past semester I'm going to be teacher assistant, this time, for photography (the last time was actually for digital illustration...). So I'm pretty happy (: Anyway, I visited my favorite shopping center (centro de Lima) the past last week of vacations with my friends and I bought a beautiful black backpack!! (I was looking forward to find it, and finally it happened, the best of all is that I spent 4 dollars on it). I bought the little pinky bag there too a while ago, I just wanted to show it, the same with the soft yellow blouse, the electric blue blazer and my black platforms (which look kinda dirty, but they aren't...).Almost all these stuff is vintage excepting the shoes. I'm also leaving some pictures of my friends which I took yesterday, the first day of classes. 
Hope you like it, see u soon (:


Sara L.

September 9, 2011

Gray clouds

Hey everybody, sorry I haven't posted anything this last week, I've been trying to enjoy the last days of my vacations so I've been going out a lot lately. Anyways, the tuesday I met with my beloved friend Paola and we went to Miraflores, a very popular site in Lima, this is what I wore that day. It was a great day, some really funny things happened!!.

  • Denim vest (before it was a jacket) with studs (DIY) - Axxs
  • Black bodysuit - No label
  • Denim croped top - Vintage (it used to be a no-shape dress)
  • Black leather jacket - Muu:baa via ASOS
  • Dark grey embellished skirt - No label
  • Black pantys - No label
  • Grey heeled combat boots - ASOS
  • Black backpack - Vintage
Hope you like it

Sara L.

PD: Promisse I'll update soon!!


Hope you like this