July 16, 2011

Barranco's nights

This pictures were taken while walking in Barranco, a very popular touristic place here in Lima. We had just gone to a teachers art exposition and we decided to take some pictures, just like using time in a "useful" way. Anyway, there I was wearing a beautiful vintage dress (which is actually a jumper I think) an old look-like denim vest and a little vintage bag, which isn't that little, in fact, because you can actually put lot of things there without a problem. In this picture also appears two very close friends of mine, I study graphic design with them, on of them is Paola and the other one is Diana from nanaslovingdesign.

PS: This aren't "very new" pictures, actually. I have had them for a while going around my PC and decided to post them. By the way, I just started to post today, so wait for my posts till now (truly sorry for making you wait so long).

See ya later


Sara L.

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