July 17, 2011

Feel like I'm in doubt

Hi there again, I'm posting all the old pictures I have here in my laptop so you have, actually, more to see. This pictures were taken, basically, at Fundación Telefónica, a cultural place here in Perú where you can see photography expositions and things like that. The other picture was taken at my institute bathroom!!! LOL and I took it from Paola's Facebook (the picture's edition is also hers). Back to the main point, there I was wearing a red vintage blouse, black pantys, snickers and a beautiful high-waisted Sprit short which I have modified last week (I will show it to you later). Hope you like it, xoxo

Sara L.


  1. Genial otra diseñadora gráfica que se une a la red!! Nos encantará ver tu trabajo!

    Aquí en Madrid también tenemos una fundación Telefonica.

    Besos desde España ;)
    Julio César.

  2. Muchísimas gracias Julio Cesar, te sigo! abrazos desde Perú (:

    Sara L.



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