July 17, 2011

Last days of sun

Hi again, yeah I know I'm just posting as a crazy, is just that I want to finally get rid of all the old pictures I have, these for example, are from when there was still sun in Lima (the last warm days, of course) and I want to start posting the new pictures :D, so I hope you forgive me for annoying you so much. I leave you some personal pictures as well, and introduce to you my little beautiful dog (she's my daughter). The pictures were taken in Saga Falabella's bathroom (do I have an obsession with bathrooms? No, but there was a mirror inside so we could easily take some pictures... :3) and the others, in a park which is in front of my house. I was wearing almost all vintage: vintage beige bag, vintage salmon blouse, vintage Tommy Hilfiger high-waisted shorts (which I don't like much at this moment, but I will figure out what to do with them), black pantys and Time Chopper cowboy leather booties. Here you can also see my friend Diana from nanaslovingdesign.
Anyway, see ya tomorrow...
Sara L.


  1. owwww my dear!!!!
    now you are a fashionblogger.....

  2. :D:D:D:D:D te quierooo amigggggooooo :')



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