July 29, 2011

Greenish life

Hello to everyone, here I'm showing you one of my last outfits, I really like this one cause it's relax and very comfortable, I feel good in it. There I was weaaring my leather jacket, a basic tee, black tight shorts, black pantys, my black combat boots, black chullo, and some accesories. I'm also showing you some of my last vintage purchases (yei!) I love those bags, they're just soooo beautiful, especially the two-color one, I'm wearing that bag often. The denim jacket.. it's amazing, it's Wrangler and it's practicly new!! I love it's color which is a deep blue with some faded parts, however I have a fun DIY to put in practice! I also bought two belts and one high-waisted denim pant that day... but I didn't take them pictures (I don't know why) so I guess I will show them later (:
Anyways, I hope you enjoy this post and I wait for your comments!!

Have a nice day.


Sara L.



Hope you like this