July 27, 2011

Romantic Pink

Hi to everyone!! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in like two days.. I've been sooooo busy, you have no idea, I've started to work in an advertising graphic design agency and well, I've been puting all my time to it and to my works from the institute (yes, I'm still going to classes... today I officially started my vacations, but actually, these are all lies!!! I'm still with homework till august 12th)... So here I'm leaving you some pictures from two different moments, I don't want to make two different posts so I just put them together. In the pinky ones I'm showing some of my latest purchases, some rings (I bought like 8 rings that day) and my pendulum (I made the necklace). There I was wearing a modified tee (I bleached it), my leather jacket, me vintage Calvin Klein high-waisted shorts, black pantys and my combat boots. I took some flower pictures just like entertaining myself as well as the Bembo's frappe me and my friends took that day too (It's really good and really cheap!). I'm also leaving you one light painting picture (I like it very much, those light shapes came out really good), and at the other pictures I was wearing my modified vintage London Jeans high-waisted shorts, a basic tee I modified (I will show it later), a headband and my leather jacket (very basic outfit).
Hope you like it,


Sara L.


  1. Me encantó tu cuarzo, yo tengo uno pero aún no le he puesto un fierro para hacerlo collar, así que siempre lo llevo en el bolsillo...para las buenas vibras...


  2. Siii son buenísimos para atraer las energías positivas y alejar las malas!! mi enamorado también tiene uno jaja.

    Es super facil hacer el tejidito con el fierro, puedes comprarlo en el centro de Lima cerca a las artesanías, yo compré el baratito pero venden uno de alpaca de mejor calidad y el rollito esta super barato (4 soles!).



Hope you like this