August 31, 2011


Hey guys! this is actually the last post of this month!... by the way, Happy Blogger's Day!! So yesterday was a friend's birthday and I met with some friends to have fun for a while (after a long time). It was really nice!! I was really satisfied (:
This is what I was wearing:
Vintage see-through blouse (my pirate blouse as I call it haha)
Vintage high-waisted shorts
Michelle-Belau black pantys
ASOS low ankle-boots
Vintage belt
Vintage backpack
My new, and now favorite, burgundy lipstick

I'm in a hurry so I leave you some pictures and that's all!

Hope u like this


Sara L.

August 29, 2011

wednesday night


Hey guys!, how have u been? hope everythings is just fine! I've been kinda sick these last days, with headaches and sore throat, awful I know. Anyways, these pictures are from the wednesday, just before I got sick. Me and my friends went to Jockey Plaza (a nice shopping center in Lima), we visited some nice boutiques, some of those boutiques, had clothes of surreal prices, believe me... It was a great night, we talked about lots of things and had some ice-cream at Pinkberry, one of our favorite places to eat, I think. I'm leaving some of the pictures we took that night, I was wearing my new ASOS low ankle-boots, my vintage Wrangler denim jacket, t-shirt, black pantys, vintage high-waisted shorts and my vintage black backpack (love it). I'm also leaving one picture of this saturday morning, I met with my school friends on friday and we slept on house of one of them (we talked and laugh aaaaaaaaall night), and that is what I was wearing that day: ASOS low ankle-boots (again), grey-almost-black skirt, black leather jacket, black pantys, deep-blue knit scarf and black vintage bag. (I'm also leaving a picture of my beautiful daughter, I love her so much.)

Hope you like it!


Sara L.

August 25, 2011

You will love this...

Hey ladies, how have u been? Hope everything's just nice!! right now I'm with a terrible headache, as always... (today I went to the doctor to had a tomography, I'm getting the results in 5 days, hope everything's fine with my brain lol) Anyways, I've been saving some nice and inspiring images to get DIY ideas!!! yeahh... so I'm sharing these treasures with you, I hope you can find this useful! let me know if you do some of them!!


Sara L.

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August 22, 2011

A price

Hey guys!! I hope everything is going just fine with everyone of you, I'm really happy because the nice Fátima from El baúl de Efe (thanks Fátima!!) just nominated me to a price!! it's the Blogger Luxury price, and I have to mention 7 things you may don't know about me and at the end I have to mention 10 other blogs I like so they do just the same! (nice huh?)... Ok, so here we go!!

1. I love to laugh... yeah, it may seem stupid but it's just something that makes me feel so satisfied and happy!!! and my friends are witnesses LOL. I love joking and just to do random stuff like running, jumping and making faces! it's just me (:

2. Anothe thing I have to mention is that I love animals and nature, I can't find an animal I don't like, I mean... I like bees, snakes, spiders and all that animals that anyone like LOL, here I'm leaving a picture of some of my pets. They all made me really happy at one moment, some of them are far from me right now, some of them aren't here in the earth anymore but they all will be always on my heart and my memory.

3. You may think this is weird, some of my closest friends and family think the same but I do have a phobia, I don't know how is it called... I have made some internet searching and I couldn't find it's name (however, I found a few people that has the same) the thing is that I hardly believe I have a "rainbow phobia". It's the only part of nature I don't like, I mean it's something I can't explain, it just happens everytime a rainbow appears on the sky, I suddenly start screaming and crying like a baby. Believe it or not, I just can't see one (that's why I'm not leaving you a picture, I'm sure you all know how does a rainbow look)

4. I love art, that's why I'm studying graphic design. Before that, I went to university to study publicity, but it just didn't work, I got bored of the career really fast. Happily my parents supported me and, instantly, I retired. Now I'm studying at Toulouse Lautrec. When I was a little younger I also took some summer workshops of fashion design at Mod'art, an international fashion school in Peru (really good by the way). Here are some of the stuff I've made for the institute (two are digital, one picture, one papercraft and the rest is traditional media like colored pencils, graphite or gouache). If you would like to see more, click here.

5. I love preparing desserts an I also love eating them!!! The best for me are Ice cream, cupcakes, borwnies and cookies.

6. I'm the oldest of  one brother and one sister. My sister is called Ana Lía, she is 7 years old and my brother's name is John and he is 18. I love them both.

7. For two years my family and I were vegetarian, I loved being vegetarian but my brother and my dad didn't like much so we stopped like two years ago. However, at my house we eat meat like two times per year, we don't eat pig or sausages of any kind; we eat fish and turkey most of time. There's salad at home every single day (we eat salad even with soup) and we eat everything organic or integral food. The same with oils and sugars. Really healthy!, you guys should try it, your body will appreciate it.

So, finally, the blogs I've chosen are these:

August 19, 2011

Looking for myself...

Hey guys! I owe you an apology, I know I haven't posted anything in almost a week!! OMG but I just had to relax a little bit after my last exam (this monday) I was really tired and stressed after finals... I have been sleeping and being with some of my closest friends and I've also been trying to get away of worries and thoughts that round my mind. Those are the main reasons to explain the lack of posts this week... Anyways, I'm ready now so, here it's a new post!

This day was actually excelent!!! it was such an spontaneous night out... (those are the best!!!) me and my friend Dalu met on her house, we try some clothes on, and spend some time sharing some sweets and talking and, after that, we went to Barranco (great place in Lima) to meet with her bf and some friends... I took some pictures there, the place was just amaaaaaaaazing!!!! I loved the environment of the house, it was so artistic... lots of paintings on the walls. The house was a dream...

About the clothes, I was wearing a vintage blouse, high-waisted shorts, my mother's (now mine) vintage belt, deep blue pantys (yeah, it has a hole), ASOS oxfords, leather jacket, chullo, vintage bag and just some accesories.

I hope u like this!!


Sara L.

August 13, 2011

We all need some inspiration...

Hey ladies, I'm in a hurry but leaving you some good inspiration... I just stare looking at it as a retarted LOL. Hope it causes the same effect on you (:

Tell me what u think about it...


Sara L.

PD: Pictures were taken from tumblr and internet.


Hope you like this