July 21, 2011

Creamy ice cream

Hey!, I'm in a hurry but I will post today anyway, about this day, it was actually a pretty good day, my dear friend Diana from nanaslovingdesign invite me to Pinkberry and we enjoy a delicious ice cream. I leave you some pictures of the place (we were in Miraflores Pinkberry, I love Pinkberry decoration btw) and some pictures of my friend and I. There I was wearing a beatiful vintage blouse which has a kind of strawberry colour, vintage high-waisted shorts, black pantys, a bracelet made by me, my mother's (now mine muahahaha) little scarf as a headband and my black combat boots, also I was using my amazing vintage 60's vinatge camera, I love taking pictures with it, it has many useful options as shutter speed (with the bulb option, for light painting), diaphragm and ISO, etc. The picture of me with the galaxy effect was taken by Diana (thanks babe, love u. Diana is showing the rings we bought that day and her beautiful michelle belau clutch.
Hope you've liked them.


Sara L.

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