July 28, 2011

She fell in love

I'm pretty busy with a lot of work but I always like to give to this space a little of time, as you can see. This is going to be fast... that day I was wearing a beautiful vintage cream blouse, a lapis lazuli necklace on top, my flowered leggings, black combat boots, a black chullo and my black leather jacket. There are also some pictures of Diana from nanaslovingdesign, we were playing and joking a little bit... LOL. Some of the pictures were taken in my bedroom, and I´m showing some of my things and my window :3 which has a collage of pictures I cut from a vogue magazine on top. I'm also showing the tee I was wearing on one of my latest posts (there you can appreciate better the faded).
Anyways, I hope u like this...


Sara L.


  1. I want the floral leggings! They are gorgeous. I've had my eye out for a pair.. but no luck ^.^

    I'm reading through your posts, you're so spunky!!

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  2. Thank u dear!! I bought that leggings here in Peru, but I think u will find them! keep looking and good luck!
    btw I'm following you!


    Sara L.



Hope you like this