April 24, 2011


My name is Sara and I'm just starting this blog... I'm a graphic design student and I love art, music and fashion. I also love drawing and painting as you can't imagine (I will post some of my drawings later). I'm new in this big and popular world of fashion bloggers and I really hope this to come out just fine (: I promisse you I will do my biggest effort to make it work and don't dissapoint you. For this very first post, I just let you some picture of myself. These were taken in february during a peruvian carnival. Me and my friends Paola (in the left side), Daniela (next to her), me and Diana (the last one and owner of nanaslovingdesing blog) were using a sort of home-made pirate costumes for the carnival, you can see me wearing a vintage black transparent blouse and shorts. that was a great day!!!. Pictures were taken by my bf.
See ya


Sara L.


Hope you like this