July 19, 2011

Fun night!

Hi guys! This post is actually full of pictures, I have a lot more but I think these are just enough for today ;) These aren't that old, I kinda like them a lot cause most of them are truly spontaneous. That was such a funny day (you have no idea) I have laughed so much that I ended up with sore throat. Anyway, In these pictures I am wearing a cute vintage blouse (before it was a dress, but I didn't like the cut so I turned it into a blouse), vintage Calvin Klein high-waisted shorts (I ripped them a little) which I love because it's beautiful color (you won't note it in the picture but it's almost white with some purple shades), my leather jacket, black pantys and my beloved ASOS oxfords (I have used them so much since I have them that they even look kinda old at the moment so I will stop using them so carelessly LOL).
I will beg you to excuse my face in some of the pictures, as I said, they are "truly spontaneous". I am also posting some light painting pictures, I can't stop experimenting with it, it's so awesome!
I hope you've liked this post..
See you tomorrow,


Sara L.


  1. i remember that day, it was awesome!!!. I love when you take pictures of me, let´s make a deal! I took pictures to you and you take pictures of me. I´ll never say again pao to take me pictures.. she sucks!

  2. HAHAHAHA it's a deal babe ;)

  3. Me encanta el short! dónde lo compraste exactamente? saludos!

    Gabriela V.

  4. Lo compré en el centro de Lima!!! en Grau!



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