August 29, 2011

wednesday night


Hey guys!, how have u been? hope everythings is just fine! I've been kinda sick these last days, with headaches and sore throat, awful I know. Anyways, these pictures are from the wednesday, just before I got sick. Me and my friends went to Jockey Plaza (a nice shopping center in Lima), we visited some nice boutiques, some of those boutiques, had clothes of surreal prices, believe me... It was a great night, we talked about lots of things and had some ice-cream at Pinkberry, one of our favorite places to eat, I think. I'm leaving some of the pictures we took that night, I was wearing my new ASOS low ankle-boots, my vintage Wrangler denim jacket, t-shirt, black pantys, vintage high-waisted shorts and my vintage black backpack (love it). I'm also leaving one picture of this saturday morning, I met with my school friends on friday and we slept on house of one of them (we talked and laugh aaaaaaaaall night), and that is what I was wearing that day: ASOS low ankle-boots (again), grey-almost-black skirt, black leather jacket, black pantys, deep-blue knit scarf and black vintage bag. (I'm also leaving a picture of my beautiful daughter, I love her so much.)

Hope you like it!


Sara L.


  1. Pinkberry que rico! y los lentes de la primera foto me encantan,lastima que a mi no me queden :(

  2. Gaba: Siii los lentes son bellos! (: gracias por comentar!

    Sanzibell: Thanks a lot!! <3



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