August 19, 2011

Looking for myself...

Hey guys! I owe you an apology, I know I haven't posted anything in almost a week!! OMG but I just had to relax a little bit after my last exam (this monday) I was really tired and stressed after finals... I have been sleeping and being with some of my closest friends and I've also been trying to get away of worries and thoughts that round my mind. Those are the main reasons to explain the lack of posts this week... Anyways, I'm ready now so, here it's a new post!

This day was actually excelent!!! it was such an spontaneous night out... (those are the best!!!) me and my friend Dalu met on her house, we try some clothes on, and spend some time sharing some sweets and talking and, after that, we went to Barranco (great place in Lima) to meet with her bf and some friends... I took some pictures there, the place was just amaaaaaaaazing!!!! I loved the environment of the house, it was so artistic... lots of paintings on the walls. The house was a dream...

About the clothes, I was wearing a vintage blouse, high-waisted shorts, my mother's (now mine) vintage belt, deep blue pantys (yeah, it has a hole), ASOS oxfords, leather jacket, chullo, vintage bag and just some accesories.

I hope u like this!!


Sara L.


  1. Genial tu outfit!!

  2. wuju AT LAST!... faltan dos fotos mias pasamelaaaaaaaaaaaas :K

  3. siii via e-mail! Dalu (:

    Gracias Alessandra!

  4. Me gustan tus aretes y el look completo (:

  5. Great outfit!! love that jacket on u!!



Hope you like this