August 2, 2011

Photo shoot

Hey, so sorry I haven't post anything since saturday!! I've been so busy, I finally could sleep after 2 days without closing my eyes. Anyways, I leave you here some photos I took to my best friends from school!! They had the kindness of helping me with my photography work for the institute. So here I leave you just a few of the pictures I took that day. If u notice, they're both wearing my clothes, because the pictures were for an imaginary make-up campaign, and I thought about something kinda vintage because it's a fashion trend right now (at least with clothing). So I hope u like them! There, my firends are wearing my leather jacket and vintage dress (with a french bun I made, I've trying a lot of hairstyles lately!) and, the other one, is wearing my vintage denim jacket, vintage blouse (beautiful), vintage high-waisted Calvin Klein shorts, scarf as a turban, and my beautiful ASOS heeled combat boots. Hope you like this!!


Sara L.

Models: Verónica Pastor, Daniela Nairn (from antique-locket

Styling: Sara Lagos
Hair and make-up: Sara Lagos
Pictures: Sara Lagos
Photo editing: Sara Lagos

PD: This images are copy-righted, so don't use them without permission, thanks.


  1. Hola :), acabo de descubrir tu blog y está muy lindo.
    Por cierto, me encantó tu chaqueta.
    Te sigo!, espero que pases por el mío, un beso.

  2. Que lindas, me gustan las fotos

  3. tus fotos estan lindas, y tu casaca de cuero esta brabaza! like

  4. ay las fotos!
    quedaron bellas a pesar de mi cara de payaso jajaja

    ciertamente camo tu ropa


  5. Hola chicas, gracias por los comentarios :3 que bueno que les gusten las fotos!!!

    Silvia: te sigo, tu blog es lindo también! (:

    besos a todas,

    Sara L.



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