August 6, 2011

Last weeks collage

Hey!!, sorry I haven't posted anything, but as always, I've been really busy... anyways, here are some (a lot...) pictures of the past weeks, tomorrow I'll be making a post of these two or three days, amazing and fun days, actually; both of them with my beloved friends. Like three or four days ago, me and my bf broke up, but I'm pretty well after that, It was something beautiful and nice at some moment, but the magic just ended. An advice for u all "engaged" girls, live the good moments and enjoy them, but if it doesn't work, then it's better to end with it instead of fooling yourselves, you will always find someone that gets to make you happy, it just takes some time. And finally, and really important thing, don't get tied to one guy, it's not a good idea; you don't need anyone but yourselves. I hope this can get to be useful for you, some day.
Back to the main topic, enjoy my pictures! there are a mix of pictures of me, my friends and just random stuff; like the sunny day of the last week (?) and my little dog (also some clothes details or some outfits).


Sara L.


  1. hola,
    Te invito a la inauguración e mi nuevo atelier, tal vez te interese hacer una nota.

    Saludos :)

  2. En una de tus fotos sale la profe que me grito en jurado :(
    Que paja tu blog! =D

  3. Jajajaja de verdad?? en la foto donde salgo haciendo una mueca de cuy?

    Gracias, que bueno que te guste!!

  4. Jajajajajajaja mujer!!!! quiero mi foto con mi maquillaje !! estan lindasssssssss!



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