January 10, 2012

Return post

Hey everybody!!! hello again, after more than two months. This last days, I felt I really missed posting, so I decided to go back! hoping you forgive me for being missing so much time!!. Since the last day I posted, many things have changed in my life, I'm still going to the institute (classes end in february!) and almost everything has been good for me. I haven't been taking so many pictures as I would have liked, but I have a few that will give you an idea of these last months. Hope u like them!!! :)

These pictures were taken by my friend Diana with her vintage camera

The beautiful Michael Kors watch I won some months ago through the "Moda Preview" giveaway...

Halloween! (I was a pin-up girl)

My 20th birthday!! 

Ringo, my beloved kitten, R.I.P (he was killed like one month ago)

This is my new kitten (my parents bought a new one after Ringo's dead because of my little sister). She is called Shiva

New year in Barranco, Lima, with my friend Diana and some shoots of the fireworks

Past weekend with my friends in Miraflores. I took some shoots of the beautiful sunset.

This last shoots show some new things about me, I've got some tattoos (one of them in memory of Ringo, my kitten) and I've got a dread (I'm getting another one)

Well, that's all. A lot of pictures I know but I'm resuming two long months just with those.. so.. (: 

See ya soon!


  1. jajajajaja ya vi tu tatooo!!! esta lindooo.. me gusta más que tu arbol...yo y ame decidí por el venado y una pluma..bellos!



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